• speach-open Emma and Andrew were over the moon to be welcoming their second child into the world. Angus was born 14th of January 2016, absolutely perfect, but without breath. Angus was stillborn. speach-close

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    Emma’s Story

  • speach-open Rachael’s son Arlo was born 14 February 2018.


    Rachel’s Story

  • speach-open You know your body and your baby movements better than anyone else. Your baby movement pattern is exclusive to you. So if things feel different and just not right, we rely on you to let us know. speach-close


  • speach-open It is important to contact your doctor or midwife if your baby’s movements have slowed down or stopped. speach-close


  • speach-open I recall a woman presenting the day after being reassured about her decreased movements at 28 weeks. She had had no FM all day and on assessment we found her Dopplers had changed and she had an abnormal CTG. She went on to have an emergency caesarean section. Her presentation to the hospital that day saved her baby’s life. speach-close


  • speach-open I will never forget a woman who came to labour ward at 36 weeks following reduced fetal movements which she had experienced for around 24 hours at home. She hadn’t called us immediately as she had another young child and was busy and was unsure whether her movements really had changed. Her partner persuaded her to call and she was advised to come straight into labour ward. When she came in her CTG showed signs that her baby was anaemic. She had a well grown baby delivered urgently by caesarean section who was confirmed as being severely anaemic and required several blood transfusions after birth. Investigations showed that there had been a large fetomaternal haemorrhage. Her baby after his initial treatment recovered really well. So important that she came in. speach-close



  • speach-open It’s so important that women contact us if they are worried that their baby is not moving as much. Too often we see people that have waited to make that call because they don’t want to be a nuisance, it is always better to call. speach-close